Photo of Heather McGhee Peggs

Building fair and equitable conflict management processes starts with a focus on early resolution and creating opportunities to learn from complaints at every stage from front-line staff through to senior leadership. For 20+ years I’ve been helping individuals and organizations identify opportunities to resolve conflict informally and develop critical dispute resolution skills.

I’m a member of the Forum of Canadian Ombudsman, and I presented an EDI case study at their joint FCO / ACCUO conference in Fall 2022 with colleagues Julie Boncompain and Brent Epperson (www.justequitable.ca).

Learn more about my approach to managing conflict:

Conflict can be an opportunity – find out how!

– Heather McGhee Peggs, BA, LLB

“[Heather] is someone who brings good humour, empathy, and diplomacy to every interaction. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion is exemplary…

Jessica T., PhD candidate

“You completely changed my perception(s) of conflict resolution as a grim/foreboding endeavour and channeled brilliance and dedication through all of your training, programming, and consulting.” 

Yaseen A., University of Toronto